Union: AGMA


 Height:   5’ 7”                       Weight:   171lbs


          TELEVISION / FILM (Selected):

          GODLY ISSUES (Web Series)                                                               Screenwriter/Soundtrack/VO/Lead                         YouTube Studios - NY (Production:XS-Studios/Chris Semerz)

          IT’S A LIVE SHOW (Pilot)                                                                      Lead                                                                            Jaliisa Williams Entertainment – NY (Dir: Jaliisa Williams) 

          ROYAL ROOM (Drama)                                                                        Lead                                                                            Independent – Greece (Director: A. Karagiannis)

          RUN (Short film)                                                                                   Lead                                                                            Juno Filmz Production – NY (Dir: Osa Agbonlahor)

          PETRINA OLIVE OIL (Commercial)                                                     VO/Narrator                                                               Ant1 Satellite - NY

          HERE WE GO (TV Show)                                                                       Episode Host                                                              ET1 Channel – Greece

          TASTE OF LIFE (TV Show)                                                                     Episode Host                                                              Star Channel – Greece

          PUPPET SHOW SATIRE (Live TV Show)                                               Episode Host                                                              SKAI TV – Greece

          MUSICAL FIGURES (TV Talent Show)                                                  Show Host                                                                  Makedonia TV – Greece

          THEATER (Selected):

          NEW YORK CITY GREEK FILM FESTIVAL                                              Award Ceremony Performer                                    Florence Gould Hall – NY (Dir: Paul Krisikos)

          FAUX-BIA! THE MUSICAL                                                                      Acting Coach of "The King of all Kings"                  Carnegie Hall - NY (Dir: Angel. Sandora & Sophie Dama)

          SUNSET BOULEVARD                                                                            Lead                                                                            Theater for a new Generation – NY (Dir: Melvin Williams)

          THE WIFE SHALL REVERE HER HUSBAND                                           Script Adaptation/Lead                                             Hellenic Cultural Center – NY (Dir: Natassa Pantelidi)

          DINNER AT IOCASTIS’                                                                           Lead                                                                            Greek Cultural Center - NY (Dir: Anastasios Samaras)

          MY WAY (Musical/Comedy)                                                                  Lead                                                                            Vergina Theater – Greece (Dir: George Michigan)

          HERE (Musical/Comedy)                                                                       Lead                                                                            Hyatt Regency Casino  – (Dir: George Michigan)

          SUGAR ANGEL (Cabaret Musical)                                                        Lead                                                                            Taboo Theater – Greece (Dir: Costas Katsoulakis)

          MAMA, I’M COMING                                                                             Music Composer/Performer                                    Potamitis Theater – Greece (Dir: Alexander Liakopoulos)

          RADIO / VO:

          COSMOS FM (Administrator/Producer)                                              VO/Radio Spots/Commercials/Show host                 Cosmos Fm 91.5 – NY

          ELLINORAMA (Live radio Show)                                                           Radio Producer & Show Host/VO                               Hellas Fm – NY

          ALPHA 103 (Radio Station)                                                                   VO/Radio spots/Podcast intros & Jingles                   Alpha 103 Fm – Greece

          MORNING TEMPTATION (Radio Show)                                                Lyricist/Performer/Show music intro                        Radio Kallitechnoupoli – Greece

          PALMOS (Radio Station)                                                                        VO/Radio Spots/Podcast intros                                  Palmos 96.5 Fm – Greece


          Sanjuro Feat. Nat.                                                                                  Greek Hip-Hop & R n’ B songs                                    Smile Records – Greece

          Hustle                                                                                                      Greek Songs / Collection                                             Dromos Music – Greece  

          Zero Gravity                                                                                            Greek & English Rock Songs                                       Smile Records – Greece

          That’s Love                                                                                              Greek Folk Songs                                                         SONY music – Greece


          33rd FESTIVAL OF GREECE                                                                     Performer                                                                     National Song Competition – Greece

          Concerts & Tours (Internationally)                                                        Actress/Performer/Singer                                          Greece, Cyprus, Israel, USA, Australia, Canada


          RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art).

          LCA ACADEMY – Scene Study, Monologue, Strasberg Method, Meisner Technique, Character Analysis & Development with Director & Acting Coach MELVIN WILLIAMS.

                                      Memorization, Speech Diction, Text Analysis, Improvisation & Cold Reading with Actress & Producer MADINA MILANA.

                                      Singing/Vocal Technique with Vocal Coach & Music Producer CRAIG DERRY.

          PANTELIS KAPSALIS DRAMA SCHOOL – Greek Ancient Drama/Tragedy & Comedy.

          JULIE MASSINO ACADEMY – Classical/Contemporary/Jazz/Blues/Funk/Soul/Voice Technique with JULIE MASSINO.

          MUNICIPAL CONSERVATORY OF GREECE – 3 years Scholarship as a Mezzo Soprano with AMALIA KALLIVAZI.

          RAD (Royal Academy of Dancing) – 8 years Ballet, Modern, Jazz with JUDITH NALE & JOHN MARGARONIS.

          REIKI Diploma.

          QUANTUM PHYSICS & THERAPY Diploma.

          LYCEE French College.

          KALAMARI French College.


          LANGUAGES: Greek (fluent) & French (intermediate). DIALECTS: Greek, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian.

          VOCAL RANGE: Mezzo Soprano. PROFESSIONAL SINGER: Singing in Greek, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Israeli, Arabic & Portuguese language.

          SPORTS: Running, Weight Lifting, Archery. DANCE: Traditional Greek Dances, Modern, Latin (Mambo, Salsa), Freestyle.

          OTHER: Ambidextrous, Permanent Resident (Green card), Valid Driver’s License (stick shift & auto), School Teacher, Dog Trainer, Shooting (handgun),

                        Editing (videos /sound), Playing Harmonica, Writing Skits, Comedy Scripts & Children Stories.